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Say Bye-Bye Sugar for 21 Days!

What’s the Plan?
For the next 21 days, we’re ditching added sugars. That means things like added sugar, syrups, and those sneaky sweeteners are out. But fruits? They’re still our besties!

How It Works:
Every day comes with a small task to help us learn and stay on track. And hey, why not hop into our WhatsApp group? Our in-house nutritionist will be there, sharing tips, giving advice, and answering any questions. It’s also a great spot for us to share, motivate, and have some light-hearted fun.

Kick-off Date:
Our official challenge begins on Sunday, January 1, 2023. But hey, if you’re eager, feel free to jump in anytime!

Our 21-Day Sugar-Free Adventure (download to your calendar):


Day 1

Why are you joining this challenge? Download this pdf guide to day one journaling.

Day 2

Task: Read this article on the effects of added sugars on the body.

Day 3

Watch this video to understand sugar swaps!

Day 4

Read about the difference between natural sugars and added sugars on this article.

Day 5

Learn about the various names sugar goes by on ingredient labels on this article.

Day 6

Experiment by making this recipe, a no-sugar dessert using dates or bananas as a sweetener.

Day 7

Create a no-sugar salad dressing using natural ingredients.

Day 8

Share your experience so far with a friend or family member. Send us a screenshot!

Day 9

Watch this video on sugar addiction and its effects on the brain.

Day 10

Read here about the link between sugar and chronic diseases.

Day 11

Try this herbal tea as a sweet beverage replacement.

Day 12

Learn here about sugar's role in inflammation in the body.

Day 13

Try a new fruit you've never had before.

Day 14

Bake this no-sugar cookie using alternative ingredients.

Day 15

Watch this video on the benefits of cutting sugar from your diet.

Day 16

Read about hidden sugars in everyday foods and beverages.

Day 17

Experiment by making your own no-sugar cereal or granola, recipe here!.

Day 18

Learn here about how the body processes natural sugars versus added sugars.

Day 19

Share your favorite no-sugar recipe with the group or on social media.

Day 20

Send this challenge to one of your friends!

Day 21

Reflect on your 21-day journey, write down or share what you've learned, and how you feel physically and mentally. Guided journaling here.
After the 21 days, let’s meet for brunch (information to be shared on our community WhatsApp Group)! We can chat and SaladStop! has a small gift for everyone.