Frequently asked questions

Loyalty App

You can earn chops by scanning your receipts from in-store purchases using our web-based App at order.wooshi.sg or automatically when placing orders online via order.wooshi.sg. For the types of rewards that you can redeem with your chops, please see the Terms & Conditions of each respective reward in the Wooshi! web-based App.

Wooshi! rewards can be redeemed in-store at any of our outlets using our web-based App at order.wooshi.sg or online at order.wooshi.sg.

Chops have 6 months validity period and rewards have a 3 months validity period.

For security reasons, Wooshi! receipts are valid for only 48 hours. In addition, users are allowed to scan a maximum of two receipts per day. In order to avoid missing out, please scan your receipts as soon as possible. To help you with this issue, please send an email to support@saladstopgroup.com along with photos of the receipts that you are not able to scan. Our team will help resolve this issue.

Purchases through 3rd party delivery services such as Deliveroo, Foodpanda and Grabfood are not eligible for chops. The Wooshi! rewards program is only applicable for purchases in-store or through the Wooshi! pre-ordering platform.

The Wooshi! rewards program cannot be stacked with other discounts simultaneously. For example, if your transaction has the OCBC 10% OFF discount applied to it, it will not be eligible for chops.

Our native app is no longer in use so please make sure that you are using the Wooshi! web-based App at order.wooshi.sg. When scanning the receipt, please ensure that the receipt has been placed on a flat surface and in a well-lit environment. If you still encounter issues scanning your receipt, please send an email to support@saladstopgroup.com along with a photo of the receipt and a screenshot of the issue you are facing.

In this case, the payment has left your card and is in currently waiting in a 3rd party payment gateway for order confirmation. If the order is cancelled/auto-cancelled, this money is not received by us and will be returned to you within 7-10 business days.


Yes we have! These are our gluten-free bases, white sushi rice and purple sushi rice.

Wooshi is free from MSG, artificial colouring, preservatives and taste enhancers.

We use sesame oil and extra virgin olive oil.

Our ingredients are not certified organic, but we always strive to source high quality and locally grown foods.

All our greens is triple-washed and dried in industrial spinners. Our partners uphold the highest hygiene, and all products are delivered in refrigerated trucks and stored in large cold rooms to ensure ultimate freshness, moisture and texture.

Yes, we offer raw meat dishes such as Salmon Sashimi, Yuzu Shoyu Tuna, and Yuzu Shoyu Salmon. However, we strongly advise against the consumption of raw meats for pregnant women due to potential health risks.


You can order Wooshi online through our catering website for larger gatherings or corporate events at https://freshkitchen.sg/menu/bowls/poke-bowls-sushi-rolls. For single orders, you may find us on all third party delivery platforms (Deliveroo, Foodpanda, Grabfood).


Feel free to reach out to our outlet manager before placing your order. Our menu highlights allergens for your convenience, but it's always best to check with our manager for extra precaution. They'll ensure separate utensils are used to maintain safety standards. While we strive to prevent cross-contamination, we can't guarantee it. For further assistance, you can also contact our company nutritionist at

We use Japanese-style mayonnaise in our dishes. It's a creamy and slightly tangy mayo that adds a distinctive flavor to our dishes. We also use Vegan Mayo for our Creamy Basil Pesto as a vegan choice.

Our lowest calorie squeeze is Yuzu Soy (< 40 kcal per serving). Our lower calorie squeeze are Slippery Chili Crab, Totally Teriyaki, Tangy Thai Pesto, Nutty Sambal and Yuzu Teriyaki Sauce (< 80 kcal per serving). We have many squeeze under 100 kcal per serving.

We recommend the Big Bang Tofu or MYO (Make-Your-Own) Roll/Bowl that allows you to choose from over 50 vegan ingredients plus a large variety of dressings.

Absolutely! We have lots of choices for vegetarians and vegans, and we make sure they're easy to spot on our menu.

Please click on the meal / product to view the nutrition information. You can also make-your-own roll/bowl and compute your very own nutrition information in our Nutritional Calculator page.
For more recommendations and information on different diets please contact our company nutritionist at nutrition@saladstopgroup.com